Mining Patch Associates is a team of Software and IT Consultants that specialise in helping exploration and mining companies achieve great outcomes from their IT strategy.

Our PeopleTray Cloud solution focuses on managing projects and teams working in hazardous, remote environments where the focus is on mineral resource discovery and development with safe and compliant operations.

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The power of the team

We provide software solutions that help connect your workforce, fostering visibility of progress and performance including:

  • Project Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Compliance
  • Inductions and Training

IT Strategies – Performance Focused

The IT world and the way that people operate and interact with information continues to change at a blistering pace. Our team stay at the forefront of strategic IT management through their involvement in IT analysis, planning and implementation projects across large and small organisations.

Contact us for a fixed price review of your IT strategy.

  • Cloud Strategies
  • Process Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Custom Software Development

Team, Safety and Project Management

Mining Patch Associates is a PeopleTray implementation and support provider.

PeopleTray is an elegant, modern cloud solution with integrated modules for:

  • Customer, contractor and stakeholder management
  • Team compliance and actions management
  • Health, Safety and Compliance management
  • Data capture via flexible checklists
  • Project management
Our Mission is to work with our customers to help them lead the industry in productivity, risk management and continuous improvement that lowers costs and achieves goals.

PeopleTray fosters physical and mental health for its team, partners and customers. We strive for knowledge, we follow an assertive strategy and thrive on original ideas and thought that feed a career and lifestyle that includes adventure and continuous personal and business growth.

Our promise is to commit to every project that we win and to deliver value and knowledge to our customers with every engagement.

Why Choose Us

      • Our team members are experienced industry professionals
      • We remain current through research and development specialising in the Microsoft Cloud and Database solutions
      • Our expertise is leveraged through technology partnerships
      • We provide capable web based solutions that can are deployed rapidly, at low cost to achieve goals fast
      • We are an agile low cost services team, focused on helping our customers achieve their goals

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