Welcome to the Mining Patch Custom Software Services page

Mining Patch Associates provides custom software and IT services, focused on Web database applications developed using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

We have extensive experience in the development of a wide range corporate applications ranging from single purpose applications to multiple module architecture.

We have also developed a fully Cloud based SAAS platform that provides a rapid build/deploy opportunity for new customer specific requirements, or for deployment to the market on commercial terms.

Our team is focused on high quality design at the database, business and UI levels, to ensure high performance, reliability and low cost of ownership and support.

We would welcome the opportunity to review your requirements and propose a low cost, rapid deployment using our modern platform.

Our technical expertise includes

  • Microsoft .net Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server, and Azure SQL Server
  • ASP.net / MVC
  • Visual Studio Online – supporting remote collaboration
  • Our development tools and methods are Mobile and BI friendly
  • We are familiar with a wide range of alternative tools and methods should you require legacy applications to be maintained or extended

About us?

Provide world leading Technical and IT consulting Services and Products that drive value for our customers at industry competitive prices.
Where heavy industry and technology come together, then more than ever we place People First. It is people that form teams, learn, create meaning. Exceptional people are able to innovate and solve difficult problems around which teams can thrive and succeed. And in the end, all of industry and technology is for the benefit of the people and living creatures of this planet.
To commit to every project that we win. To deliver exceptional value. And to foster enduring relationships.

Our Skills

  • Technology strategic and business planning
  • Commercial strategy
  • Software Project Management
  • Scoping/analysis and design
  • Cloud computing (Microsoft Azure)
  • ASP.net/MVC/Microsoft Framework
  • Strategic and Business planning