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Most exploration and mining companies invest significant effort in capturing and storing images of drilling chip piles, chip trays and core trays. Most geologists feel that accessing those images is time consuming an inefficient. There is significant value to be gained from easy, rapid access to geology images for every stage of the drilling, interpretation and modelling process. Imago is a modern, affordable image management tool that can help you unlock that value.

Imago is centred around the capture and management of high quality geological images, making images more valuable in the processes of:

  • Geological logging and re-logging.
  • Supervision and real time review of site-based drill chip and core logging.
  • Monitoring and review of active drilling programs.
  • Collaborative review of geology.
  • Structure observation and measurement.
  • Interpretation and modelling via integration with GIS and mine planning software.

While the storage and access to images is the primary source of the value, Imago also provides advice to customers to help in achieving:

  • More efficient image capture.
  • Higher quality images.
  • Improved consistency of image colour and resolution.

Advice can be provided on cameras, capture stations and image capture process.

Machine Learning

Imago is collaborating with industry and investing in Machine Learning techniques focused on helping customers gain insights directly from your library of drilling sample and core images.

By aiding customers in achieving higher image quality and consistency, Imago helps position your business to apply more advance machine learning techniques as they become available.

Image Capture Scenarios

Chip Pile Images

Imago customers are trialing new techniques for image capture to achieve high resolution, consistent lighting and an efficient process for Chip Pile image capture.

The Imago mobile app (Android) organizes images by location and hole ID. Intervals automatically increment, making for an efficient capture process. Images may be captured offline, then synced to Imago Web when a connection is available, after which they are available to view in high resolution via a web browser.

The following Capture Station is available from Imago to help customers to aid in capturing quality Chip Pile images with consistent lighting.

Chip Pile Capture Station 2400

Chip Tray Images

Chip Trays are easy to move and position for image capture. Imago has refined a procedure where Chip Trays slide through several positions on a slide jig, capturing each tray in 15-30 seconds.

Images can be split into individual samples simultaneously with image capture. Without extra effort, images are registered with downhole depths, and available to view from head office alongside other holes as soon as synced to Imago Web.

These images show the difference between images shot with a Canon T6 vs  Canon D5S – shot with the same lens and conditions.

Chip Tray

Zoomed Chips

Core Images

Many projects invest significant effort into capturing images of core trays. Core sheds are often available providing a consistent light and protected image capture environment. However, equipment is also available that achieves good results in an outdoor capture setting.

Imago has worked with many customers to help improve image quality and consistency, especially in how to avoid the glare that may result from wet core photography.

With Imago, the user sets up a template for clipping the core trays into downhole images, registering each core section to its depth interval automatically when the image is captured.

The key benefits for core tray photography are:

  • A more efficient capture process.
  • Higher quality images with more consistent lighting.
  • Tray images are clipped automatically and registered down hole.
  • Images are easily viewed from head office:
    • Monitor active drilling programs.
    • Check and validate logging from head office.
    • Better collaboration by geologists in different locations, with easy access to images.
  • Instant access to images during geology interpretation and modelling.

Integrated with most mining planning and GIS systems used by Geologists.

Core boxes

Image shows rapid access to all the geology images for your project.


Image shows core images from multiple holes with core automatically clipped and registered to depth during the image capture process.

Try Imago with your own project images

New customers are offered a 30 day free trial where we upload example images from your project.

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