Locomote Travel Management Platform

Locomote provides a modern, easy-to-use system for requesting, approving and booking travel.

The approval and booking processes are seamlessly integrated making the process efficient for all participants.

It greatly reduces the administration effort and ensures that all travel provides value, is at the lowest price available and is aligned with other team members and objectives.

Travel justification

Locomote ensures that the purpose and business case for travel are recorded and that lower cost alternatives such as web meetings are considered prior to approval.

TMC integration

Locomote brings your TMC into the process, providing information and quotes on booking options when required. You then have the option of direct booking via the integrated booking tool, or booking via your TMC service. 


Travellers may instigate and manage their own travel requests, or Travel Arrangers can manage requests for their team. Settings may allow travellers to approve their own travel, while Locomote records details for future review and reporting.

Tracks Communication

Locomote helps coordinate people that are travelling together, with messages notifying each traveller of details and bookings. Participants receive emails at appropriate times including links to pages where actions are required.

Safety and policy compliant

Locomote ensures that all travel is compliant with safety and travel policies, strengthening corporate Duty of Care. Travellers are informed about essential issues such as country risks, visa and vaccination requirements. Travel insurance is considered and Emergency information and procedures reviewed.

Transparent selection of booking options

Locomote brings booking options into the authorisation process, ensuring that the lowest or most appropriate fares and tariffs are available to the Authoriser.

Immediate booking – reducing fares

Once travel is authorised, the option is available to book the authorised option using the Locomote Booking Tool, ensuring that the best fare and travel options are confirmed. The option is also available to book via your Travel Consultant, who is notified of the booking requirement via email and the TMC dashboard. The need for TMC emails and order documents is eliminated.

Mobile friendly

Locomote is a web application that operates beautifully on tablets and phones. No need to install native iOS or Android specific apps.

Audit and review friendly

Locomote records all of your travel requests, approvals, bookings and associated data in a modern Cloud database which supports efficient review and audit of requests approvals and bookings.

Management reporting and dashboards

Integrating travel approval and bookings in a central system leads to potent reporting opportunities that provide management with a clear understanding of the travel activity and associated expenditure. Travel is often associated with the performance of individuals and teams; hence, reporting has the potential to provide value beyond monitoring compliance and tracking expenditure.


Locomote provides 24/7 helpdesk support to ensure that your system is always available and that users can gain immediate assistance when required. Helpdesk is provided via telephone, email and via our helpdesk portal.

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Locomote Features

Locomote ensuring that all travel:

  • Adds business value
  • Is considered against alternatives
  • Is safety and policy compliant
  • Is authorised

Locomote also:

  • Keeps records of approvals, justification, compliance, quotes and procurement.
  • Records messages between travellers, authorisers and Travel Consultants and history.
  • Tracks travel spend against budget.