Mal Harwood

Mal is a hands-on-business consultant with extensive experience building, simplifying and enhancing IT and Business Systems to help organisations achieve secure, reliable and cost effective IT and communications frameworks that meet the needs of the organisation.

Mal is experienced in design and implementation of sophisticated networking solutions that deliver a reliable and secure standardised desktop operating environment for all users spanning office, travel and remote.



  • Project and change management
  • Strategic and Risk planning, including Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Business Process Modelling
  • Technology selection
  • Systems and application auditing 

Mining Operations

  • Mineral processing – including downtime tracking, predictive maintenance, metallurgical balance and process control.
  • Mining and logistics processes, from exploration remote sensing, resource definition and block modelling, long and short term mine planning, fleet selection and autonomous haulage, through to production accounting and reporting. 

Information and Communications

  • Networking – LAN, WAN, GAN, fixed, wireless, satellite, optimisation, CISCO, Storage, Cloud, Voice, firewall, Intrusion Detection/Protection, external and internal DMZ.
  • Data management – big data, Data Flow Diagram, security, data warehouse, Data Cube, business intelligence, MS SQL 

Applications Development

  • C#.Net, VB.Net, Java, PHP, shell scripting, T-SQL, UML, BPMN
  • iOS, Android, Windows, Embedded 

Systems Management

  • Windows Server and desktop, SMS, MOM, IIS, SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint
  • Linux, SAMBA, SQUID, Apache, NFS, Postfix, MySQL, SOGO, Zimbra, Cacti
  • SOE, MOE, Virtualisation, backup, AV, SPAM, DRP, BCP, BYOD
  • Data Loss Prevention, Information Lifecycle Management, TOGAF, CoBiT, ITIL 

Control Systems

  • DCS, SCADA, PLC, Citect, Allen Bradley, Clipsal/Schneider, Ness 


  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science/Geology) University Tasmania
  • Project Management Professional – Project Management Institute