PeopleTray – Partner for mining

Mining Patch Associates is a sales and support partner for PeopleTray.

PeopleTray is an online management system that includes the essential tools that mining businesses need to be efficient and help their teams perform.

PeopleTray is great at managing teams and projects that are located in different locations. The Team and Health and Safety modules are especially important for mining and the Recruitment module makes recruitment more efficient.

As a cloud system, there is nothing to install and IT skills are not required to get it up and running. It can be accessed by team members in any location and at any time. Mining Patch is available to assist with configuring approval and event reporting workflows if required.

PeopleTray can be used for an organisation, or specific projects or teams. It is exceptionally easy to set up and easy for your team to use.

PeopleTray manages a range of important business processes in a single system. It includes workflow configuration to support important processes such as safety, activity reporting and approvals for travel and purchases.

New customers are provided a 30 day free trial, after which monthly fees apply. New customers are able to register an account and start using PeopleTray within minutes.

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