July 2014

Software giant screams Cloud

Just about everyone is conscious of the change in our lives caused by the 'Cloud' and cloud applications. From storing family files and photos on a cloud service, to using cloud applications such as Google's [...]

June 2014

Mining Software Publishing and Downloads Site

Mining Software.org is a new site that provides a central location for Mining Software professionals to share or sell their software products, software extensions and tools. It also provides a venue for publishing Product and [...]

May 2014

The Atlassian Software Story

Two young guys have built a software juggernaut that is headed for $1billion IPO. Its a great Australian Software story. The Atlassian products power at least Australian Mining Software business - INX Software, with the [...]

The Four States of Warren Buffet

What makes a great leader? This article on Warren Buffet seems to capture the essence. The Four States of Warren Buffet

April 2014

Gartner Report – Business Intelligence

The 2014 Gartner report on Business Intelligence is comprehensive and provides deep insights into the leaders in the BI field, the available products and differentiating aspects of each vendors offering. It includes several new Cloud [...]

7 Marketing Tricks

Well, they aren't tricks, but I like these 7 tips for early startup marketing. Especially Numbers 4 and 5. Link to 7 Marketing Tricks