Surpac and Whittle Software Services

In keeping with its commitment to reducing costs for its customers, Mining Patch uses the latest web tools and strategies to provide training to your team.

Our team includes expertise in a range of tools, including:

  • General Mine Planning and Resource modelling tools including Surpac, Datamine, Vulcan
  • Scheduling and Strategic planning tools, Whittle/Minesched/MineMax
  • INX, roster, flight and accommodation management
  • Locomote Travel Management Platform

If we don’t have the expertise, we can help you find the right person to provide remote training to your team at a competitive rate.

If you have a product or tool (including Macro or Scripted extensions to core products) contact us to find out how we can help you market your solutions.

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About us?

Provide world leading Technical and IT consulting Services and Products that drive value for our customers at industry competitive prices.
Where heavy industry and technology come together, then more than ever we place People First. It is people that form teams, learn, create meaning. Exceptional people are able to innovate and solve difficult problems around which teams can thrive and succeed. And in the end, all of industry and technology is for the benefit of the people and living creatures of this planet.
To commit to every project that we win. To deliver exceptional value. And to foster enduring relationships.

Locomote® Travel Management

Locomote is Web Database system that helps you put process and reporting around your travel activities. It is flexible and configurable, meeting the needs of most businesses. Locomote ensures that travel decisions are made correctly, are cost efficient and are focused on business objectives. It also ensures safe choices are made and risks highlighted during the travel approval process. Call us to talk to one of our Locomote Consultants or inquire by email.

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Dassault Mining Systems ®

Dassault Mining Systems are the world leader in Mine Planning, Resource Modelling, and Mine production and scheduling systems.

Mining Patch has expertise in the following Dassault products:

  • Surpac
  • MineSched
  • Gems
  • Whittle

Contact Mining Patch to discuss your Consulting or Training requirements or for product advice.

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INX® Workforce Management for Mining

INX is a Workforce Management system for Mining. It is an itegrated, modular system that interfaces well with other systems and it provides you management team with excellent tools to manage their teams, their safety and compliance obligation and workforce logistics. Modules include:

  • InControl – Health, Safety, Risk Management
  • InTuition – Person Site/Role compliance, Training (including online)
  • InFlight – Roster, Travel and Accommodation Management for FIFO operations.
  • Contact Mining Patch Associates to discuss your training or project requirements.

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