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Imago Core Tray Photography is transforming the business of Geology.

Since Imago was first released in 2017 it has swept the industry, not in broad use across all of the top five global mining organisations. Now, with the availability of licensing options for small explorers and prospectors it is available to everyone that is drilling for the purpose of discovering, and developing mineral resources.

Imago is helping geologists take higher quality core and chip photos using standard cameras, instantly syncing the images into Cloud storage where the Imago viewer lets geologists access the images with ease.

The Imago viewer is integrated with all of the leading geology planning tools, such as Leapfrog and Micromine. Clicking on a drill hole trace opens the images for the hole at the clicked depth, displaying the images 'as a drill hole'.

Feedback from geologists is that it has dramatically changed the way they are working:

  • Capturing photos is faster, more consistent, with less errors. Linear images are automatically cropped out so geos can view the core tray photos or the linear core images along the hole.

  • Experienced geologists easily validate the logs of the less experienced geologists to ensure consistency in logging.

  • For grade control, every decision is validated by viewing the photos, increasing the quality of ore-waste decisions.

  • With instant access to the core and chip images, geologists can focus on developing their intuition about where to drill rather then spending their energy trying to find and open images.

  • Less time is spent in the core shed, as much of the logging work can be done from the photos.

  • More flexibility for geologists to work from the office or home.

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